Waste Recycling

M&M Sanitation Recycling Services is committed to helping customers dispose of their garbage and waste recycling materials as efficiently as possible. In addition to our dedication to customer satisfaction, we aim to provide you with the most up-to-date information and garbage removal equipment that adheres to local recycling regulations such as recycling in New York.




No-Sort Recycling

M&M Sanitation Services aims to arrange the simplest and most effective recycling program for recycling companies for your business or home. We provide our clients with single-stream collection recycling services and construction waste recycling. M&M will help you assess what materials you most often recycle, as well as providing the necessary bins, containers, and exterior receptacles. In addition to organizing a specific recycling plan, M&M can offer the most up-to-date information and equipment for waste recycling so you can rent a dumpster for your waste recycling program.

Construction Debris

M&M Sanitation Services offers its construction customers the opportunity to recycle worksite waste. Whether you're organizing a simple home renovation or large-scale retail construction, M&M can provide a detailed waste recycling plan and cost structure that suits your needs. We can dispose of all your construction debris while ensuring LEED Sustainability. With our variety of containers and services, M&M will ensure that your sorted construction waste recycling materials are handled and disposed of properly.


Let us help you develop an effective and personalized recycling plan.
M&M has a variety of container sizes and services to fit your needs.