M&M Sanitation's Trash Removal History

M&M Sanitation Services are available in the New York and New Jersey metro area providing trash removal services since 1950. Our trash removal and waste management services include dumpster rental, trash pickup, waste recycling, and container services. Whether for your business or home, M&M Sanitation has the solution for you.  Do you have a lot of trash to remove?  M&M Sanitation also has dumpster rental and trash removal and management services for large offices and e-waste. Our goal is to make sure your trash removal plans are as streamlined and easy as possible.


Our Company


M&M Sanitation proudly offers scheduled trash pickup services as well as dumpster rental and waste recycling plans. We have over 60 years of experience with waste management and trash removal and will make sure that your trash pickup plan follows the legal requirements and specifications as necessary.  We gladly work with our customers to explain these specifications, and keep them updated constantly. We not only have the experience but also the technology required to make your trash pickup plan a success.  Finally, with assured LEED sustainability and advanced services such as single stream recycling, we make managing trash removal easy for you and your business.


Customized and Personalized approach


M&M Sanitation Services is owned and we would like to consider you part of our family. Whether your plans are extensive or small, we provide the same impeccable and individual customer attention to each project. Our dedication to excellence can be seen throughout our entire company, and we work to serve you. Our consultants understand trash pickup and trash removal and can point you in the right direction no matter what your needs. Whether you need a dumpster rental ,  waste recycling plan, or trash removal plan, we will work with you to find your needs.


M&M Sanitation services is the right choice for all of your waste management needs, whether they be trash pickup, dumpster rental, or waste recycling. Check us out! Feel free to contact us to learn more about M&M Sanitation or read more about our company and what we can do for you or your business.  You will be glad you contacted us for all of your trash removal, trash pickup and dumpster needs.


Garbage Collection

M&M Sanitation Services is a family owned and operated waste removal company established in 1950. We have spent over 60 years delivering our waste management and garbage removal services to the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area. In this day and age we try our best to provide the same excellent garbage collection services which we provided in the 1950's. With our 60 years of experience, we are able to provide the best customer experience for your waste disposal planning.

M & M Sanitation is dedicated to finding the most competitive rates and most cost-efficient plans for your company without changing our service. . Our method involves providing individual attention to each client, whether for a residential garbage collection plan or a commercial waste disposal project.


Our Growing Portfolio of Services


Over the past 60 years of excellent service, M&M Sanitation Services has grown greatly from its beginnings in 1950. Similarly, our extensive portfolio of services has grown to include garbage collection, waste recycling, and container or roll off dumpster rental services. We do more than just garbage removal! We have grown to include both commercial and residential customers from homes, businesses, and construction and demolitions sites, which often use our dumpster rental services for procurement of roll-off dumpsters. Our garbage collection services now include garbage removal, e-waste disposal, and scheduled pickup of roll-off dumpsters for large construction or demolition projects.  Additionally, we provide garbage collection for appliances, scrap metals, and organic materials - materials which other waste removal companies will reject.


New Plans for Assured Environmental Sustainability


 In addition to these new services, M&M is now focusing on environmental sustainability and protection, with an entire new roster of environmentally-friendly plans. We have assured LEED Sustainability and Commitment, and offer revolutionary no-sort single stream recycling services, allowing for easier recycling.


Our Dedication to Excellence and Excellent Service


We believe that our excellent client service, garbage collection, and recycling plans fully display our dedication to excellence.  M&M Sanitation Services will gladly work with you to decide the services necessary to suit your account or project. In other words, whether your need a garbage collection or waste disposal plan or container services like a roll-off dumpster, M&M Sanitation has you covered!

Waste Removal

M&M Sanitation Services provides waste removal, waste recycling, and container waste services for both business and residential customers.


For our commercial customers, M&M Sanitation Services provides plans to suit the size of your business. Whether large or small, your business will have a customized plan for both rubbish removal and waste recycling. Within our waste removal offerings we provide office waste services, including certified document destruction services as well as plans for taking care of e-waste. E-waste is defined as electronic products that are near fully depreciated, including old televisions, monitors, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines which could possibly be reused or recycled. M&M Sanitation Services provides waste services to handle e-waste without creating hazardous discards. Most importantly, our dependable waste services are made to fit your budget and schedule. We also provide different sizes and types of bins, dumpsters, and compactors to take care of your business's waste removal plan.


For our residential customers, M&M Sanitation Services provides curbside collection, bulk waste removal, container, and recycling services, all of which are vital to any waste removal plan. For trash service requiring rubbish removal, we provide curbside collection. Our experienced fleet of trucks follow a set of scheduled pickup times, so you know exactly when your waste removal will take place. M&M Sanitation Services understands the importance of convenience and timeliness when it comes to curbside pickup.


Removing an appliance, piece of furniture, or other large object? You can easily schedule a pickup to take care of any bulk waste removal project. This is not a service offered by all trash service companies. For renovations or other projects, our container services can take care of all your rubbish removal needs. M&M Sanitation Services has containers for waste removal of all amounts, which can be picked up by your garbage collector.


Working in construction or demolition? M&M Sanitation Services offers numerous rubbish removal and other trash services for your worksite. If your site creates a great amount of rubble but does not have the space for a roll-off dumpster, M&M Sanitation can handle rubbish removal with our packer truck service. These trucks compact high-volume rubble for easy and efficient trash disposal. M&M Sanitation Services also offers loose pickups for loose rubbish removal.


Hosting an event? M&M Sanitation Services offers numerous waste services catered specifically to events. We will deliver, set up, and pickup our no-sort recycling containers and assist in planning and executing your trash disposal strategy.


M&M Sanitation Services also provides waste services for bio-solids hauling. We work with waste water treatment facilities to ensure proper rubbish removal and landfill leachate removal. M&M Sanitation Services can also provide trash service that meets the US Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service requirements for trash disposal.

Waste Recycling

M&M Sanitation Services provides the right waste recycling services you need for your business or home. We are committed to helping our clients create a plan suitable for their waste recycling needs. We consistently keep our customers satisfied with the most up-to-date information and equip them with all needed services to suit local recycling regulations. Let us find the right recycling services to fit your plan, schedule, and budget.


No-sort waste recycling saves you time


M&M Sanitation Services offers a simple and effective solution to sorting recyclables: no-sort single stream recycling services, a service not offered by all recycling companies. These recycling services let you put your recyclables - paper, plastic, glass, and metal - all in the same bin. This method of waste recycling not only saves you time but also helps the environment, cutting down on the emissions required to pick up recyclables.


M&M Sanitation Service's commitment to LEED Sustainability


We can make sure that your project secures LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, assuring that your project has been designed or built with sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental quality in mind. Our commitment greatly represents our dedication to protecting the environment while providing recycling services that other recycling companies do not.  Because of our commitment to LEED Sustainability, we aim to help our clients create waste recycling plans with recycling services that are as efficient as possible.


Our waste recycling in New York and New Jersey includes construction waste recycling services. M&M Sanitation's construction waste recycling services involves creating a detailed waste recycling plan to fit the cost structure and size of your project. Unlike other recycling companies, we can certify LEED Sustainability while ensuring proper construction waste recycling. This includes the proper disposal of loose debris, rubble, and other waste.


Interested in learning more about our recycling programs and what they could mean for you, your business, or your environment? Contact us to let us know! Or, get started and rent a dumpster today to start your waste management or recycling plan as soon as possible.

Dumpster Rentals

We understand that working on a bigger project may create a large amount of waste, and we have the solution to manage and dispose of this waste. M&M Sanitation Services provides dumpster rentals with containers of all sizes. You can easily rent a dumpster by ordering online, where you can view dumpster rental prices.


Permits made easy


M&M Sanitation Services acknowledges not only that demolition and construction require dumpster rentals, but also that placement of the dumpster is a problem. M&M Sanitation Services will assist you in procuring your on-street or commercial dumpster permits, so you can choose to place your trash dumpster rental on the sidewalk or on the street. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the most up-to-date information on legislation and permits necessary for your dumpster rentals.


Delivery and Pickup based on your schedule


When you rent a dumpster, usually the provider delivers and picks up the dumpster rental based on an arbitrary pickup schedule. With M&M Sanitation Services, you decide when you want your dumpster rentals to arrive. We can schedule delivery and pickup to occur when most convenient for you.


More than dumpster rentals: Rear Load Trucks and Compactors, too


For large amounts of waste containers or bagged trash disposal, M&M Sanitation Services also offers rear load trucks that can be used to schedule pickups from your business.


Our dumpster rental services also permits you to order compactors to increase the efficiency of your waste removal. Rather than have several dumpsters of loose rubble, the compactor can reduce the amount of trash to fit in a single dumpster. You can simultaneously reduce the frequency of waste pickups required on your worksite and the number of trash dumpster rentals required, saving you time and money. M&M Sanitation Services offers provision and monitoring of a compactor on your worksite.


Numerous Sizes and Shapes


Not all clients looking to rent a dumpster are the same. M&M Sanitation Services understands that you may be looking to rent a dumpster for a small house renovation or for a large retail construction worksite. We offer numerous sizes of trash dumpster rentals, from small, 10-yard containers to mammoth 30-yard containers. Our dumpster rental prices can be seen here. When you rent a dumpster, take note that some containers are best suited for heavy materials, such as concrete, masonry, and dirt, while other containers are suitable for sheetrock, studs and plaster.


Check out our dumpster rental prices and rent a dumpster, or contact us for more information.

Trash Companies

M&M Sanitation:  one of the best trash companies serving  New York and New Jersey.


Unless you are in the hunt for a trash company, you have probably never considered the reasons why some trash companies are better than others.  But for those of us who are in the garbage collector industry, trash is not just a dirty word to us, it is a way of life!  Here at M & M Sanitation we always look for ways to outshine other trash companies, not only in great customer service,   but with our awesome garbage collectors, state of art garbage collector equipment, and our on time service and guaranteed pickups.


Dumpster Rentals


M&M Sanitation Dumpster Rentals are the best.  Why?  Because now you can order dumpster rentals any time anywhere.  Simply go to our dumpster rental s form, fill it out and hit submit!  Our customer service rep will get back to you shortly, confirming your dumpster rentals.   Not too many trash companies can say that you can order a dumpster any time of day or night from their website!  With M & M sanitation, you can rent a dumpster whenever you want.   Rent a dumpster at YOUR convenience, not ours.  Compact, roll off or rear loading container… M&M Sanitation has the right solution for you!


Customer service:


Compared to other trash companies, M&M Sanitation is committed to customer service and making sure that all of your needs are met.   We are available from M-F 8AM - 5PM and our customer service staff is trained to answer even the most specific questions about your garbage collector needs.   We make sure that we give you the most cost effective, energy efficient plan available to you.




M&M is dedicated to protecting the environment and has instituted a roster of environmentally friendly programs, including LEED Sustainability & Commitment and no-sort single-stream recycling services. Our NO SORT recycling allows you to recycle without having to sort through all your trash.  Using our single-stream collection recycling services and construction waste recycling,  M&M will assess what materials you most often recycle, as well as provide the necessary bins, containers, and exterior receptacles.




Many trash companies use the same dated equipment year after year, without any thought to the environment, or the efficiency of the trucks they are using.  M&M Sanitation carefully evaluates our equipment every year.  We know having the best equipment makes us one of the best trash companies serving the New York and New Jersey area.

Let us help you develop an effective and personalized recycling plan.
M&M has a variety of container sizes and services to fit your needs.